Obrian Mc Kenzie – Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence – App Development & Cloud Computing

Obrian Mc Kenzie, CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, is a highly respected member of the Dutch Digital Technology World. He has been chosen as one of the 500 best people in the Dutch Digital Technology World by The Next Web.

This list is called the T500. He is one of a handful of people who managed to be in this list every year (2017, 2018, & 2019).

Obrian his expertise is that he has experience with every facet of Software Development, AI and Cloud Computing. His team Feverr won the Dutch Galileo Masters contest and they received a Space Oscar from the European Space Agency in 2019. They won due to developing an Artificial Intelligence System that can navigate via the safest route instead of the fastest route.

Obrian his goal is to make the world a better and safer place by applying AI and smart solutions in ethical ways. He joined Good Vibrations Company B.V. to enhance the scalability of the service and contribute to a world where people understand each-other better so they can care better for themselves and others.