Sterkman MD

Luc Sterkman MD – Partner & COO

Clinical Development

Luc Sterkman, COO – CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER, was trained as a physician. Since his graduation as a medical doctor, he has worked for over 25 years in the life sciences, where he has gained extensive experience in development and testing in clinical studies of medication, nutrition and medical devices, including applications on smartphones.
In his career in the life sciences, Luc has been engaged in the start-up of several companies. As a succesful entrepeneur he has been involved in selling 2 companies and 2 floatations.

Luc has worked on many products in various clinical areas, including depression, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. The GVC Voice Disorder Detection software taps Luc’s drive for diagnostic applications of the analysis of speech and other bodily signals.