Jan Bonsel – Partner & Senior Software Developer – Artificial Intelligence

Jan Bonsel, SENIOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, is a highly respected Senior Software Development Expert with more than 45 years of experience in innovative complex and creative Software Development projects. He has an impressive track record in a wide range of industries and application areas, including Finance & Accounting, Banking, Stock Exchange, Telecommunications, Life Sciences, Robotics, Gaming and the Aviation Industry.

During his career he developed software for micro-, mini- and mainframe computers on various operating systems. The know-how of Jan Bonsel is state-of-the-art in IOS, Android and smartphone Apps development; his programming skills include languages such as cobol, fortran, algol, pascal, c, c++, java , Python and also propriety languages. Jan has experience in the execution of complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects, developing software and applications for OCR, Stock Exchanges and Robotics. In addition he is expert in Deep learning and the definition and validation of algorithms.

Jan Bonsel joined Good Vibrations Company to contribute to achieving the goals of the organisation and to enhance the Quality of Life of people in the various target groups, including patients with chronic neurological disorders.