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Saas Escrow Agreement

Good Vibrations Company is aware of the fact that the use of our system is of major importance to your organization. Although Good Vibrations Company is a healthy and growing company, we also recognize the fact that risk management procedures from our clients increasingly require that our software and your data (if applicable) are accessible even when Good Vibrations Company is not in the position to fulfill its obligations towards you (for example because of bankruptcy).

Therefor Good Vibrations Company has a collective SaaS Escrow Agreement in place. The Source Code of our Software as well as your data (optional) is securely stored in SecureStorage at Softcrow Trusted Electronic Services. In case of bankruptcy of Good Vibrations Company these Escrow deposits will be accessible to you if you are registered as a Beneficiary to this arrangement.


The SaaS Escrow is an integrated part of our service and fees and as such we will have you registered as a Beneficiary as soon as you start using our software.

If you like to be registered as a Beneficiary to this SaaS Escrow Agreement or if you like more information about the SaaS Escrow arrangement before getting registered, please contact [ / +31 20-6962050]