Your Call- or Contact center provides THE crucial moment of contact with your clients. The call agent communicates with them based on his auditory senses and needs to respond quickly and in a concise manner. This requires extensive experience and knowledge to interpret the underlying message of the customer quickly and correctly.

Local or national emergency services like 911

At local or national emergency services like 911, it is of crucial importance that the emotional state of the person who dials in, is immediately assessed in the right way! Is it a matter of urgency and do we need to send an ambulance?  Or is the person who calls exaggerating the entire situation? When a child calls in, is it just playing or is it calling in a distressed environment? A quick and correct analysis can save lives.

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The emotional state of the caller

GVC Emo Analysis Services informs the call agent via a simple dashboard about the emotional state of the caller.

MindSet – MindPower Program for Call Agents

For example, at the start of the shift of a Call Agent in a Contact Center. Before the start of this shift, the GVC Emo Analysis Service measures the emotions of the Call Agent and then when it turns out that they are not positive, for example through personal circumstances, this MindsSet can be converted into a positive MindSet through the Mindset/MindPower Program.

GVC has shown in detail in practice that this means that the Call Agent has a considerable higher percentage satisfaction score in the approach of customers and achieving good results as well as a greatly improving image building for the Organization.

Service – or sales call centers

In a service – or sales call center key interests include the reduction of anger of the customer or pitching a nice proposition at the right moment in the optimal way. Is the person, who dials in, really angry? Or does the client aim to secure a rebate in an unfair way? The GVC Emo Analysis Services enables the call agent to better manage the conversation with the customer; we provide valuable information on the real emotional state of the client. This will reduce the number of interventions by call-coaches and the call agent has more control over the discussion with the client and last, but not least: the customer satisfaction will increase.

GVC Emo Analysis Service makes the difference in Contact centers.