Our team

Good Vibrations Company B.V. was established in 2011. The GVC team includes experts in complementary fields regarding personal development and individual and group behavior, scientific evaluation of human sound and other biological signals, linguistics, clinical development, software development and web-based and smartphone applications, supplemented with technical and legal support.

Alexander Josiassen – Partner & CIO Media Transformations and Innovations

Alexander Josiassen, CIO – Chief Innovations Officer, has over 25 years of experience in the world of national and international media and has a considerable track record of transformations and innovations from renowned organizations such as Talpa Radio International -Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Radio538, VRT, RTL and numerous other Public and Commercial broadcasters. Many projects were realized under his leadership or realization of projects done in person.

As founder and owner of All4Media Productions Alexander has a focus on innovations and the belief that everything can be realized by making the right combinations, new products are often realized. Conceptual thinking and converting this into practical applicability yields innovations where basic questions in media, events and entertainment are answered. To empathize with the problem definition and to help formulate the actual question is where there is great power. The solution is often a matter of combinations and time.